Why LFC?

Liberty Fencing Club offers many advantages to the aspiring champion:

  • LFC is the largest fencing club in the area.
  • LFC offers flexible schedules, and requires no contracts.
  • We conduct a free individual assessment, and provide each student with an information book containing a customized fencing program.
  • We make every effort to help the students prepare for collegiate sports. We have even written recommendations for students who were applying for college admissions.
  • Our coaches are champions who fenced and won titles in national and international competition, including the Olympics.
  • All of our elite coaches are USA fencing professional members, and have undergone a thorough background check.
  • Our facility features a state-of-the art sprung floor that reduces impact, fatigue, and injury, and we have an Olympic, grounded strip.
  • Marshal and Helen Davis are also coaches of the Swarthmore fencing club. Swarthmore students are frequent guests at LFC.
  • Marshal and Helen serve on the board of directors of the Bucks County sports commission.